Online Collaboration Software: Top 3 Cheap & Simple Choices Suggested By B2B Experts

qnaMitchell has recently launched an online content services company and his team is made up of writers and editors scattered throughout the United States. His cloud based staff are currently using email and direct messaging services for communication and project management. That said, Mitchell is looking for an collaboration software online that would really connect him with his tea, manage and delegate projects effectively, and increase productivity among members. He asks what collaboration software online do experts recommend for a small business startup with a cloud hosted team?

“Hello there! I have started a small content business online and most of my staff are located in different time zones within the United States. We are still feeling our way and have been keeping up with our tasks and progress via email and free mobile/internet messaging services. I have been wanting employ collaboration software online for me and my team and I am hoping you can tell me what the professionals prefer to use. Thanks!”

Hello. I really like that you want to integrate a collaboration software online for your business. There is no doubt in my mind that such move will greatly boost the way you and your staff do things, especially that most of your team are working via the cloud.

But how do you pick the best online collaboration software? That is quite a task and determining the best option for you can be a very long process. That said, I have listed three collaboration software online programs that are used by pros who have found collaboration applications and programs helpful in maximizing the potential of their respective enterprise. Worth checking out, I tell you.

#1 Moxtra – Joe Iesue

A flexible online collaboration program that is loaded with goodies that can turn any small business, even startups, into a well-oiled machine, Moxtra allows users to upload and edit documents, save screenshots, delegate tasks, and even communicate in a Facebook-esque manner within the program. But what Joe Iesue of the Civic Enterprise Network really finds great about Moxtra is the continued effort to improve the product and its excellent customer support.

“Honestly we are still finding awesome features and ways to use this resource,” says Joe.

#2 ScreenHero – Dan Parker

While still in beta phase, master programmer Dan Parker sees ScreenHero as one of the best online collaboration platforms available today that caters to coders and developers. ScreenHero allows for double, triple, and even quadruple simultaneous development tool without any hitch. “I really enjoy how this encourages the form, storm, perform philosophies of group dynamics,” Dan exclaims.

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#3 Mendix App Platform – Brendan Parnell

Designed specifically for Agile IT professionals, developers, and individuals inclined to model applications, Mendix App Platform is certainly a product every developer team should take a look into. With Mendix, users can collect feedback, launch a poll among members, run multiple projects instantly and simultaneously, and monitor progress. Its very user-friendly and Facebook-like interface also adds a certain appeal to this particular product.

Brendan comments, that “Although technical in origin, it is great for running anything from a tailgate to a ski trip to a new product roll out!”

These three leading collaboration software online products are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It should be pointed out that there are tons of collaboration software out in the market, each with its own features and functionalities that may or may not suit the needs of your business. It is important that you gather some information, read reliable reviews from reputable sources, do a side by side comparison, and really understand the requirements of your enterprise so you could, at the very least, make a good and informed decision.

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